Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Futon has arrived!

Our neighbour Emilia on our first piece of furniture, the futon sofa! Very decorative :-)

House in the Field

And there it is now, all set up - next week our friends Karli and Joe will help with the water and electricity, David will dig the trench for it and varnish the walls ... and then we can start to put in the furniture. Not a lot stuff as it a small house, but the necessities: a futon bed, a toilet (SAWDUST!!), a wash stand, a table and some knick knacks to decorate!

More House Arrival Pictures!

Listen Up Friends and Guests! The House is Here!

Finally, with 2 weeks delay, the little guest house has arrived. It was quite difficult for them to get around the corner with the truck, and then to position it at the correct spot in the field. Robbie helped them pull with her 4W drive, but because the field has so many bumps the truck with the house rolled backwards and the post rolled right into her front light! Ouch! It got fixed within a week, though, by a guy in the village, who did a wonderful job with it! Well, now it is sitting on the right spot!! And it looks GREAT!

Broken Down Bush Hogger

Mr Pappas from Billy White, the neighbouring village, offered to bush hog our back field with the hill with his tractor for a reasonable price. So off he went across the creek he drove and everything went fine - he did a great job as long as he did it. Until he had a flat tire, his battery ran out of juice and his radiator broke down ... every day was another mishap, until he finally got stuck in the creek ... He needed three guys to pull him out with their trucks! He hasn't come back since to finish the job ... but we would like him to finish the work before our friends come.

Guest House Almost Finished!

One more trip to Tobar's to check on the house ... and it is getting there! Only a piece of the roof and the railing is missing! We are so excited!

Pork Roast - Schweinsbraten

I found a butcher! YAY! Finally one that can cut the meat as I want it and it is also really good meat! Of course, any health inspector in Germany or the US would IMMEDIATELY shut the shop down for all sorts of reasons. But the meat is kept frozen and he cleans the cutting area, so I guess its ok. We sure didn't have any problems. And I made the most wonderful pork roast last week! I even cooked the Bavarian Kraut with it and potato dumplings (Kartoffelknödel) and we invited Macarena to share it with us. She loved it! So did we! I even had the crunchy stuff on top (Krusterl!) mmmmhhh...

Apartment Living Premium

And if you thought that one box was too small for two chicks, no no no... even the "Unmarried Auntie" found her spot in the box!!!

Apartment Living

We have 9 boxes for the hens to sit in, but those two decided to share a box, sitting real close - they seemed to have a really good time. They are also sitting on eggs together, so noone will know who actually is the mama!! We hope the babies will hatch around the time when our friends from NY come with their little girl. She is 4 years old, a city girl and it could be really exciting for her.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Blooming Aloe

That's the first time I have seen an aloe plant blooming. Surely, Karli on his aloe farm sees it all the time. But for me it was a first. Right at the front porch, where I have all sorts of stuff growing, mostly wild.

Pretty little thing!

(It is not the green/red leaves, but the small pinkish tube-like thingies!)

The Walls are UP!

Although it was raining cats and dogs yesterday, we drove to Belmopan to go shopping for the guest house: a wooden toilet seat, desert roses (as decoration), a little sink and varnish. On the way back we stopped at our builders place at Iguana Creek to check on the progress of the guest house. And yep, the walls are UP. They are working slowly at the moment, though, because some of the workers are sick (bad cold virus around) and it is raining a lot right now.

The pictures were taken from the car, because it rained so much, but they still came out ok.

Looks cute, doesn't it!

Mayan Masonry?

We found a really odd piece of stone the other day and like to believe its a piece of Mayan masonry. There obviously is a Mayan building under the hill in the back behind the creek and it could be a piece of a wall. But we are not sure. Wouldn't it be neat, though :-) It is really a pretty piece and rather strange.

The Guest House Builder and his Team

Mr Tobar has started to build our guest house!! The nice ladies at his office have figured everything out and gave him the plans!

And this is Mr. Tobar with our "Foundation":

More Cow Boys

Robbie sent me a couple more pictures from the cow catching event! Emilias cows watching from "next door" ...

And the guys on their really pretty horses:

Cow Catchers

Last week, some of our neighbours cows broke through the fence and came over to our side, where the grass seemed greener :-) So they sent out cowboys to catch them! It was fun to watch them and boy, are those cows tricky! There was this little bull which really gave them the runaround!! Robbie had some nice chats with the guys when they took a break.