Sunday, April 02, 2006

Water for the people on the hill

The village waterboard committee finally had the funds to start building a new water tower for the people up on the hill. Robbie went up there to take some pictures of the process. It is not completely set up yet, but when its done, a lot of people will be a lot happier than they are now!

The Fitness Center

Robbie got us what we now just call "The Machine", which is a weight lifting device. We put it under the palapa, together with the training bike and the lawn mower. So we can pick what kind of exercise we want to do :-)

I do the bike as a warmup first and then do some lifting. It is a cool machine with all sorts of options. David, our farm hand, and the cleaning girls use it, too. Now that is something you could call employee benefits:-)

I even found out I had stomach muscles! OOOPS! And my shoulders actually have a shape now! I have been working out with it for about 4 weeks now and its really fun. I look forward to it every day! Robbie is delighted that I use the present so frequently. And I am happy to eventually get rid of flabby arms, etc. It is so cool!

Ok, now the finished product!

Here is my little bread basket! I filled some of them with cheese and left the rest plain with poppy seeds ("Mohn") and caraway seeds ("K├╝mmel").

Very TASTY!!

Jana bakes Bread

After 3 months of steady hard working, it has finally slowed down a bit and I have time to "blog a little". All of our German visitors such as Max and Elly and Joes sister Helene have left the country again, even Karli went to Germany, and Joe went to the US for a couple of weeks, so it is pretty quiet here at the moment.
As I don't always like the bread they sell here (too soft), I started to bake my own little buns ("Semmeln") and they turned out great! Of course, I am not an experienced baker, but it is fun and not hard to do at all! The pictures will - again - say more than any words!