Sunday, August 21, 2005

Lazy Farm Life

Havent' been writing much, I am just too lazy at the moment.

Robbie was in the US for 10 days for the regular medical checkup and I ran the house/farm together with David and our cleaning girls Annette and Martina. Doggies were grumpy because they couldn't go out due to rather heavy rains; I try to keep them in, so they don't track the mud in from outside. Doesn't always work :-). Keep wondering how people with dogs here keep their houses clean. EASY answer: their dogs are usually outside dogs and never enter the house anyhow. Not like our spoilt bunch, who each have their own bed at night...

I did manage to do some painting (the parrots and frogs and turtles Robbie made from cement molds) and David put them for display on the front lawn with a sign "Art for Sale" with prices. We do take them in when it rains, although they have a protective coat of spray lacquer.

Now that Robbie is back I hope to get some pictures from the painted art work, plus from the painted coconuts David put in the back yard to make everything "look pretty" :-) He got a bit carried away, but I still like it, its colorful and friendly and makes people smile. We also did a sign project together (he cut and painted wooden strips and I wrote on them), there are about 8 signs attached to a post pointing into different directions (Santa Famila, San Ignacio, Spanish Lookout, Atlanta, Brisbane, Fairbanks, Munich ... and the moon), together with the rather exact distance in miles and kilometers.

Hey something really funny happened. Both Robbie and I had our hair dyed, not knowing the other one did it:-) Both in red... However, Robbie's red looks nice and decent, mine is a pretty shocking bright red - I will try to get pictures of that, too :-)

Back to work now, lots of translation work waiting for me. Robbie is at the first waterboard meeting alreadytonight - let's see what's happening in our little village of San Jorge!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Santa Familia Dragon Ladies T-Shirt Logo Posted by Picasa

Time Off for Fun

Hey, no work at the moment - there are some jobs I could take, from a regular client, who sends out hundreds of press releases every week, but they mostly have subjects I am not familiar with, such as pharma groups finance stuff, so I don't take them. I feel really relaxed - I even painted a parrot yesterday, one of those Robbie made. She makes a form out of modeling clay("so was wie Plastilin"), then gives it several layers of liquid rubber ("fl├╝ssiger Gummi"), then she makes an outer mold around the rubber and then the original form is taken out, which leaves a rubber form. Into this form, fine cement or plaster of paris ("Gips") can be poured in and after a day or so we can start painting it. She did about 8 huge Scarlet Macaw Parrots, some frogs, turtles, and I just painted a few of these things. It is fun to do. I will put pictures in the blog later.
The girls team lost, and they lost bad. Twice against the gals from Dangriga. But they still made third place, so I guess they weren't bad all in all. We are still promoting them, although they need to get their butts off the bench and besides doing some more practicing, also try to make some money with fundraising. One of the girls made a nice Dragon Ladies design and Robbie printed it on a couple of T-Shirts. Looks really cool!
Yesterday afternoon, while Robbie was at the football field in San Ignacio, I had Joe over with Teresa and the family visiting from Germany: his sister and her husband, their son, daughter-in-law, and two 12 year old girls. The girls were terribly afraid of the dogs at first, but after a while everyone calmed down and they were fine. Until Magic gave one girls surprise kisses on the neck - wow did she jump. But they made friends right afterwards when she threw him a ball. Just give that boy attention and he is fine. Well, he may not be too well trained after all ... But we are trying, really:-)
Tomorrow I will help Joes sister to download her favorite game onto Joes computer and then, if they like, I will go swimming with them in the pool at Eve's Garden. The girls might have fun there ... at the moment, also with a lot of rain, they are terribly bored. Pre-Teenagers ... ayayay...
I am doing some household stuff today, so Martina only has to do the "big" stuff tomorrow, like mopping the floors and dusting.
And then I will go read a book. Just finished a really good one "Many Lives, Many Masters" (Review): Psychiatry and metaphysics blend together in this fascinating book based on a true case history. Dr. Weiss, who was once firmly entrenched in a clinical approach to psychiatry, finds himself reluctantly drawn into past-life therapy when a hypnotized client suddenly reveals details of her previous lives... It was so interesting and confirmed so many of my beliefs and thoughts that I read it easily within one day.
I still have about 20 of Marion's crime novels, so I guess I am going to pick one of those now and retreat to the hammock.