Sunday, February 19, 2006

Comedy Night at the Storck Club

Last night Robbie and I went to the Comedy Night at the San Ignacio Hotel, a fundraiser from our Rotary club. It was quite a crowd and we had a bunch of friends with us: Tyson, Eddie, Macarena, two friends of Macarena called Mama and Papa Noel (I think he plays Santa Claus in California), a very nice elderly couple, then the British girl who runs the party shop in town, and besides quite a few Rotarians, also Tobbi and Eva. The comedy show was so-so, some of them we could hardly understand because of their accent, but there were a couple of good ones and some hearty laughs. Robbie almost fell asleep because she had taken a blood pressure pill, so we went home by 10:30 pm. The food was good: I had Lebanese platter (Libanesische Platte) with hummus, chicken, couscous, flat bread and some dips, and Robbie had stuffed and fried Jalapena peppers (HOOOOT!) and grilled potato skins. I had two Virgin Pina Coladas (no alcohol because I was driving and Robbie got tea (which took them about 30 minutes ... maybe they had to pick the tea leaves in India??). Well, all in all it was really good that we went out, we don't do it very often and it's always special. Helen took care of our dogs, so we didn't have to worry about them or the house at all, we are very happy that she offers to take care of them when we are gone.

One more picture of a really pretty visitor we had at the house the other day. The bird is called a Trogon, it has extremely bright colors!! The scientific name is Trogon Violaceous (for those who are interested. Enjoy!

Moth to Be

Robbie took some great pictures of a caterpillar, which we found out will be a moth when its grown up. Very pretty, but the spines hurt like hell when you touch them!!! Robbie made the mistake and picked it up - BAD idea! She put on baking powder ("Backpulver") right away and it stopped the pain immediately. Old household remedy. Also helps against spider bites!
I will send a picture of the moth later. We had asked our friend Boyd, the artist and bird and insect lover, to help us and he sent a picture of the moth.


Problem solved

Hey that works! So here are a few more creek pictures!

Another Picture of Fancy Pants!



I am having problems uploading pictures, so I will write more later! Well, let me try to get at least Fancy Pants in here using a different approach ...

Fancy Pants

My favorite rooster ("Hahn") is in trouble, he is too heavy and too strong for our small hens, so he will be "evacuated" to the duck/goose area until they are big enough, in size and in numbers, for him.
We called him Fancy Pants, because he has funny feathers around his legs and his head looks like he is wearing a fur collar :-) Cool guy, but the hens don't like him, so they are getting a break from him, to heal (there sides are all torn up from him ...).
Well, I know he doesn't care - he has been seen jumping on ducks as well ... strange fellow ...


The creek with running water! Posted by Picasa

Finally - Water in the Creek!

All those heavy rains sure did it: our creek has water again! YAY! It is not very high, but a steady flow! We look forward to new animals and birds in that area which are drawn to the water, maybe some more whistling ducks even :-)

Robbie took some gorgeous pictures of the creek itself and the flowers surrounding it!