Sunday, August 16, 2009


And here a few new pictures of the dogs on the farm!

Magic, the oldest one, who really really loves people. A LOT! Ladies in dresses preferred! Pat him once and he will never leave your side again! Hates thunder and gun shots! Favorite expression: "Wait, wait, don't come through the gate yet. I gotta find a toy to bring you to welcome you, or a leaf, man, where is that leaf!"

Highlander, second oldest, a friendly guy in general ... who WILL bite if someone gets to close to his people! Molly loves him lots and kisses him whenever she sees him! His favorite expression, with a side glance to where the brush is: "I see the brush ... can I get brushed please ... I wanna look gooood!"

Alaska, the mini lab hound mix, who jumps 5 feet high without even needing any approach path. She is also the hunter in the dog family, chases guinea hens and chickens whenever she gets a chance! Knocks them out and when you take those completely shocked birds out of her mouth, she will give you the look, and an expression like "wadda mean, i can't eat them??"

And last, but not least, the baby ... Molly, a gentle soul, but she will growl when one of the cats sits on her head too long ... and her size alone is impressive! She could fit half of the cat in her mouth! Love of her life: Highlander! Favorite expression: "Ooooohhh Highlander, can you see me, look how I wiggle for you, just for you!"

Yin Yang Cats

Alfredo and his sister Fancy Motley ... in Yin Yang Sleep Mode!


The Veggie Garden

Robbie is doing a veggie garden project together with some neighbors and workers, they are planting cabbage, tomatoes, peppers and some corn to keep the bugs out. Neat little garden. Soon, we will plant some watermelons!!! I just have to eat the one I have to get the seeds out :-)

And even when it doesn't rain, there is always water from all the new catchment containers!


Guesthouse Path Lights

To make it easier for guests to find their way along the path to the little guesthouse, we installed solar lamps on palm posts, they are pretty bright at night!


At the last party, we had kids flying Robbies kite in the field, which looked really cool!

First Rain ... First Flood

Just a few days too much rain, and the roads of Santa Familia were flooded ... not as bad as last year, but the heavy rains are not here yet!!

Our creek

The road in front of our property

In the Village

Wild Turkey

Something strange flew into the chicken coop the other day ... and we found out it was a wild turkey :-) It wandered around a bit, looked at the chickens and finally flew to the creek. We hope to see him again some day! Pretty guy!

The Bridge

The new cement bridge over the creek is finally finished. Luckily, Gilmar finished it, after his brother Jason just dropped out and failed to show up any more. It is a very safe and sturdy bridge with rails. Just needs some paint, otherwise it is good!

The new back porch

Gilmar and his boys built and painted the new back porch. We were thinking that - besides it being a pretty addition to the house - it would keep the dogs in when it is raining and muddy outside. Well, good thought. But we sure did not expect a dog acting like a cat and jumping the gate, in one stride she goes over ... and back again. That much for keeping a dog like Alaska inside.


Our neighbor Javier's daughter, Julia, is now helping in the house from Monday to Friday, she has a 2 month old baby which her sister brings over every now and then. The baby's name is Maria Alexandra, what a cutie :-)

Sister with baby

The baby

Julia with her baby

Horses August 2009