Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Poinsettia - Weihnachtsstern!

A flower which is so hard to keep alive in Germany - here in Belize it grows naturally and big! Enjoy!


Santa Clauses in San Jorge!

Like every year on Christmas Day, we went out in the morning to give all our workers, David, Martina and Annette, some small Christmas presents and cookies! It is always a lot of fun and we enjoy it a lot!

Orange Iguana

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting on the back porch looking out into the field and I saw something orange ... first I thought it was a cat, but then it stopped moving, so I took Robbies binoculars and my camera and checked it out. It was a HUGE orange iguana and it waited patiently, until I got close enough to take some good pictures. It didn't move at all any more, so I threw little chunks of dirt at it - and finally it opened its eyes, gave me "the look" and RAN - so fast that I could only take a picture of the tail. David says he has seen it before, it lives at the creek! So I hope to see it soon again, they do look impressive and prehistoric and just amazing!

Kitty Play Tree

David built the ultimative "cat scratching post" out of our old dead plum tree. I was thinking about a nice platform with a little roof ... but David went wild with boards, the hammer and a saw and made a dream tree for the cats to climb around on!! They love it!

A Video!

My first attempt to upload a home-made video! So please bear with me if it is not 100% perfect. I hope you can all watch it! Enjoy!

It is a small video about Edwardo, the former stray tom cat, and the two female dogs, Alaska and Molly. The cat LOVES dogs! And the dogs - obviously - love cats :-)

Christmas Cup Beauty Pageant

David, our farm hand, is always organizing soccer events, involving a lot of kids and young people, which we think is really great. He keeps them busy and thinks of a lot of things to make it interesting. For this years Christmas Cup, he organized a beauty pageant, so all the pretty girls from the surrounding villages came out!

The three winners:

Magic and the Three Stooges

Another doggie picture for our dog lovers:

Magic and the three black dogs in the front yard (Molly, Alaska and Highlander).

Landscaping and Improvements

Robbie has been busy improving our gardens etc. We had a little fence built along the driveway, new flowers planted, etc. The "Secret Garden" is in the making and a footpath was created to the chicken coop, which still needs some gravel. Most of the boulders of the back field have been hauled down to the driveway, so they can now be used to encircle flower beds or more paths. It is getting more beautiful every year! The new pool (a little bit bigger) has a deck now which makes it easier to get in and out and also provides a little tanning spot!

Rotary District Governor Visit

Every year, the Governor for our Rotary District 4250 (for Honduras, Guatemala and Belize) comes to visit and we organize a special dinner for him. This year we had the event at the San Ignacio Hotel, with many guests and awards and fun:

The picture shows Ruth Galvez-Guiterrez, our local pharmacist and former Club President, together with Chris Aird, the current Club President, who is handing her the Paul Harris Award, which she received from the club, and Ricardo Marichal, the District Governor (yellow tie).

Spa Visitors

Wow, how fast these last two months went by!!! Lots of work and lots of events - and I hardly noticed the months jumping ahead! Let me see, the last entry was from October. So we had, for example, the "kids" from Sheree and Aki here in November for their vacation at the Whistling Ducks Doggie Spa and Recreation Center! "Mad Mattie", the cute terror terrier mix and "Puggles", the gentle brown pug-beagle mix, whose favorite spot is: under foot :-) This is a picture of them in their sleeping box, with kitty cat Hagrid watching over them!

Hey we are back!!

Took us a while to get back on track with the blogging, masses of work just made it impossible to sneak in here and upload stuff. I will post a few pictures with captions, to give a quick overview of what transpired since my last posting.