Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy New Year 2009!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Funny Farm :-)

A quick decision to paint the house before Christmas (like almost everyone else in the village does, or at least they put fresh linoleum on the floors), and Robbie got to pick the colors!! The house is now a wicked green, very bright and cheerful, especially together with the yellow trim. The splash edge is reddish-brown, but we might enhance it a bit with painting on top, it certainly will hide all splash dirt from rainfalls. Again, Robbie's camers has major problems, so the pictures didn't come out as they should. We will add better ones later. For now, these will have to do :-)

New Old Car!

"Carlotte" has arrived ... Joes 15y old Plymouth Voyager ... and now all mine! He sold it last time when he visited Belize (he now lives in Honduras with his wife Teresa) and I am pretty happy with it. I sold the old Toyota and half the price is the paintjob for this one (the hood and the top were rusty and needed to be repainted). I already have my first stickers on it, too! What would a Jana-car be without stickers :-) Our Bavarian friends with good eyes might "spy" the "I Love München" sticker ....

The car has 7 seats, but I took the middle 3 seats out, because it is nice for transporting stuff with the sliding door. Whoever sits in the back, feels like a celebrity now. We will take more pictures when Robbie's camera is working better - it looks like heat and humidity took its toll and it needs to be repaired!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Holidays all Over the World!

A Little Winter Game!

Have fun with this little winter game! Use the pen to draw a line where you want Santa to ride with the sleigh. Tip: Draw a line right under the presents. But make sure you start under the sleigh! And then click on the green arrow to make him start!

Viel Spaß mit diesem kleinen Winterspiel! Mit dem Stift müsst ihr eine Linie zeichnen, auf der Santa mit seinem Schlitten fahren kann. Tipp: Zeichnet eine Linie fast genau unter den Geschenken. Aber ihr müsst genau unter dem Schlitten damit anfangen! Und dann auf das grüne Pfeilchen drücken, damit er losfährt!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where the grass is greener?

Our neighbour's cows like to come wandering over to our side, maybe because the grass is GREENER on the other side of the fence?? But this one we had to chase out, because she was getting too close to the planted trees and flowers and started nibbling on them. And before she starts trampling everything down. So Robbie shoo shooed her away and she walked straight ... home ... not without leaving us some smelly presents behind!

Chocolate Cake Lover!

During Macarena's party, I watched this litte boy with his slice of chocolate cake. He was so engrossed in it, completely concentrated, and enjoying it tremendously! Ah, to be a child again and be able to eat chocolate cake like a kid :-)

Look for the little blond boy in the background ... on the pictures or in the video!



Macarenas Birthday

Some more summer pictures and impressions, this time from Macarenas Birthday Party at "Mr Greedys Pizzeria" in Santa Elena. Fun Lunch with Friends - we all had a great time!

Macarena (next to the blue and red balloons), Mary (next to her), Cynthia (in orange) and more guests.


Bathroom of Many Colors

Also found the pictures of our new painted bathroom! It is now a VERY refreshing and lively place! Certainly great to wake up in the morning :-)


Who is Who?

And no, they are not brothers ... Edwardo and Hagrid "spooning" during their afternoon nap ... Can you guess who is who?

More pictures from the parade and the sponsors!

Here are some more pictures from the parade! Besides all the football teams, there was a brass band from Benque (very loud and very good!) and the Santa Familia Village Cadet Corps, lead by the Village Police Man, Mr Martinez. The sponsors on the picture are Neil, Betty and Richard, in front of the Humes Store.

Ducks Farm Alemania???

Our Farm Hand David, who is also the Director of the Village Sports Council, organized a parade this summer and I just found the pictures! He had asked us for donations (and we usually help, because it is for a good cause and children) and he had some T-Shirts done!