Monday, February 02, 2009

Water Awareness Contest

Robbie organized a Water Awareness Contest in the village for children 6 - 16 years of age with the theme "Water and Agriculture". Water Awareness Contest is an outreach educational program to build public awareness and involvement in protecting water resources within the community. Whistling Ducks Farm (WDF) in Santa Familia is dedicated to the education of children about sensitivity towards the environment, and how we can all work together to learn how to use our natural resources wisely.

The entries were judged by three independent persons, Cynthia Reece, Paulita Figueroa, and Elvin Garcia and the winners received cash prizes and certificates, they are:

1st place - Graci J Rempel of Santa Familia RC School; her teacher Mr. Rodolfo Tun received a $100 Gift Certificate (arranged for with Celina's Superstore) for classroom supplies to be obtained at Celina's Superstore in San Ignacio and a Honorable Teacher Certificate for his encouragement of his students to enter the contest and to practice water conservation.

2nd place - Elder Quewell of Eden H.S.

3rd place - Tirsha Quewell of Eden H.S.

4th place and

Honorable Mention - Eliodoro Coleman of Santa Familia RC School
Honorable Mention Certificates also went to Ronnell Obando, Daphny Alegria, Absolon Vallecillo, and Samantha Quewell.

We sponsor two contests each year. A summer Arts and Craft Contest and a winter Environmental Conservation Contest. We are dedicated to the education of children by using Art and Conservation as vessels of learning. Cash awards and prizes plus certificates are awarded to 1st - 3rd place and every contestant receives a certificate of participation. Anyone who wishes to assist us in our endeavor may contact us at

Casanova ...

We have three hens, but no rooster, well, that is what we thought. Or what the neighbors rooster thought, because he comes over every day to see our three "chicks". And then he goes back home to his own hens! Sometimes he comes very early in the morning, when the hens are still in the coop, so he walks around a bit, stretches his neck, makes some noise ... and goes home. He comes back after about 30 minutes, checking if they are awake yet. So he does that a couple of times a day ... definitely worth the name we gave him! Casanova!

Horses! Horses! Horses!

The first horses arrived this weekend! Our vet, Edwardo, the one after who the one stray cat named, brought some people over the other day, who were looking for a place to put their horses, because the place where they had them needed the pasture for something else. So a few weeks ago they started fixing the fence, putting in gates, and having everything set up. At the moment, we have two mares with one foal each and more are to come. We are pretty excited and besides being our "lawnmowers" for a while, they are a truly beautiful sight!