Friday, October 31, 2008

Karlis SolunaFarm Blog has a Coloring Book now!

Neat little gadget on Karlis blog: a coloring book! Also, if you want to see baby sheep or what a "neem press" looks like ... go check it out! Click on the link on the right column or click HERE for the blog and then on "Malbuch" for the coloring book.

Stranded on the "Island" of Santa Familia

We had heavy floodings in Cayo these last weeks and for a few days, Santa Familia was cut off from the rest of the country. We couldn't go to Spanish Lookout and we couldn't go to Bullet Tree, because the roads were flooded, culverts were broken and overall the whole are was in a catastrophic state. Our house is still high enough, so nothing happened to us, but some of our neighbours who live close to the river were very afraid that the water would reach their houses, as it happened in Bullet Tree and Calla Creek, where people were evacuated by boat. NEMO, the national emergency organization in Belize, the BDF, the Belize Defense Force, and government agencies helped with supplies by air and boat. Our biggest problem right now is the flooded well in the village, which supplies water to the 3000 villagers via the tank. Robbie has been in the village for 3 days now, working together with the Village Chairman, the Area Representative and the Rural Development Dept. plus a few of her Waterboard Members, to clean the pump, shock the well with chlorine and try to get everything working again. I washed dishes with rain water and myself with a bucket. But we, the "Ladies of the Lake" were safe all the time and didn't loose house and home like many others (see pictures and articles on the Channel 7 website).

A house in Bullet Tree ...

Please find more pictures and stories on the Channel 7 Website:

Now the floodwater from our area is going down the Belize River and wreaking havoc in the Belize River Valley!! Many small villages are cut off and need to be evacuated by boat as well. The water has broken culverts on the Western Highway just after Belize City.


Eclipse of the Moon ...

Just beautiful. And exciting. And fun!

Reuben and Family

Reuben, David's Brother, and part of his family (Adrian, Annette (his wife), and Iris). The two big boys Randy and Ricky, were at school. They are trying to sell their house (about 5 minutes away from us, across the street, at the river). So anyone? In Germany? The US? Interested?

And little Adrian on his cool "BIKE"!

Artsy Artsy

On rainy days, David like to be creative. This time he made some thingies from cement and then painted them. He sure is having a lot of fun with it :-)


Give me that SHRIMP! Right NOW!

Dinner Time!

All kitty cats and doggies come in around 5 pm, looking for food! Well, it is DINNER TIME for all!

Fundraising Time

Robbie and Macarena at a Fundraiser at the Ka'ana Resort on the Western Highway.

New Pool Furniture

Come and relax!

Our "Girls" Alaska and Molly