Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy The Thief

Cheeky Little Happy had a great time at the main house the other day, played with all the dogs, especially gentle Queenie and small Alaska, and proudly carried one of the toys off to her little house, where she unfortunately had to go back to, to be quarantined again because another tapeworm showed up. But she is getting all better, the medicine and vitamins and the love and care are working well.


Visiting Gaby and Hans at the Garceta Lodge

Two lovely people live at the other end of our village, Gaby and Hans, and we finally had the time to visit them for a few hours last Sunday. We had a great time with coffee and cake and a glass of wine at the river. They have loads of animals at their place, and it is simply gorgeous! There is also a little crocodile in the pond that wandered up from the river during the last flood, and lots of guinea hens, and chicken.

Coatimundis, usually roaming free, but caged for our convenience because they like to jump on peoples backs :-)

The view from the veranda.

Gaby and the parrot, I think his name was Charlie!

Hans posing with this imposing tree!
Aracari coming for a bite of papaya.

Ant Motels

If I didn't dislike ants so much, especially the fire ants which leave me with itching blisters, I could actually appreciate their building abilities!

Veterans Day Moussaka

In honor of Robbie, who is an AF veteran, I made one of her favorite dishes: Greek "Moussaka", with layers of potatoes, eggplant, meat sauce, bechamel sauce and cheese. It was really yummy!

Art Studio "Hobby Lobby" is getting doggie-proof

Now, that Ms. Happy can come out into her dog run, she has figured out that screen material does not hold up to her sharp claws. So the bottom of the Hobby Lobby is getting a rustic look now - I like it a lot! And Happy is watching very attentively ... BUMMER, no more tearing through!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rembrandt and Queenie Relaxing

The two visiting Irish Setters, Rembrandt and Queenie, are having a good time at the farm! There is lots of room to run and play, and our dogs are having fun with them too now. Of course, after a while, it is good to have a pillow to rest your tired head on :-)

Happy gets introduced into the Family

During her first visit at the main house, tough little Happy was completely unimpressed by the other, huge dogs and the two visiting dogs hovering over her. She made herself comfy, played a bit, rested and was just what she was supposed to be: a Happy Dog at the Happy House.

For the time being, she is just coming over to visit, and actually since yesterday, she is back in quarantine at the Hobby Lobby and her dog run, because we found a huge tape worm.

But the vet was here already and as soon as she is all good, she will come back to the main house to see her doggie friends!

She is nothing but a HOUND DOG :-)

Enjoy another mini movie with Happy at the Happy House!

Wiley Done First Pre-Race Exercise

Wiley is being prepared for the next race on the 19th of November, right here in Santa Familia. Daily exercise sessions are a MUST!

Claudia makes PIZZA!

That was definitely the yummiest homemade pizza I have ever had!

Happy has a House!

We are slowly preparing the new dog run for Happy to live in as soon as she is all healthy. The dog house is set up and will soon be improved with a little shade roof ...

Frog eats Gecko

I thought that frogs only eat insects. Duh. Not true. This froggie here had himself a gourmet meal with a fat gecko.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Happy at the Happy Farm - 3 weeks

Happy "Chow Hound" has now been at the farm about 3 weeks and is doing a lot better. We are treating her for unidentified fever and she has not had all her shots yet, but she is eating well and feeling better all in all.
Treated her skin with Nu-Stock mixed with baby oil - this stuff is absolutely amazing, even the hair started growing again over the bald, raw spots! And of course she got a bath, too, every couple of days.
She loves to play, but hates to get her feet wet :-)

Her dog run is still being worked on, David made her a little veranda and Gilmar put a sign at the fence with her job description :-)

Female Watchdog Enforcement

While Rembrandt is going for a ride to town with Franklin and Claudia, Queenie is doing a really good job helping the other two girls, Alaska and Molly, when they are on watchdog duty! She is very attentive and taking it very seriously! I am glad that it looks like the girls are finally all getting along.

Claudia and Franklin - Finally here!

We are really happy to have Claudia and Franklin staying with us for a while until their land is cleared and the house is set up. They are lovely people and fun to be around. Franklin is so wonderful helping out with all these little broken things in the house and Claudia cooks heavenly. The doggies are beautiful and well behaved, well, most of the time :-). We are having a great time!

Cousin IT is Visiting!

Y'all know the Addams Family? Ever seen Cousin It? Well, look no further, just come to the Whistling Ducks Farm. He was just here visiting :-) From Corozal!

Thanks for visiting, Wolfgang, we had a great time with you!

Froggie Alarm

Something else in my kitchen - besides ssssssnakes, ants, roaches, etc. - which I don't like. Frogs. Don't matter how cute they look. The good thing is that I found a spot which my cleaning lady has never discovered. Obviously.

The Princess and the Pea

Alaska, our little "Lab Mix", sometimes acts like a princess, needing a soft pillow for her head ...

The Kitchen Fairy is Wielding her Wand uh Tools

Claudia is cooking the most wonderful dishes in my little kitchen! She is a real magician and conjures up really cool stuff!