Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The new porch swing

Robbie found this in Spanish Lookout and it fits perfectly between the two posts! The other bench is now on the front porch, right next to the orchids.

Rotary Pool Party

Jana organized a Rotary Pool Party for her club, which took place at one of the members family home. It was a potluck dinner, so everybody brought yummy food and something to drink. A group of Rotarians was awarded with Paul Harris Awards with a Sapphire, and Jana was one of them. Maria Estella received her first Paul Harris Award and gave a nice little speech. The picture with all the people in line shows the Paul Harris Fellows of the club that were present at the party. The Paul Harris Awards at Jana's Club, the Rotary Club of San Ignacio, are usually given out by the club, but there are individuals who contribute to the Rotary Foundation themselves as well.


Slideshow! Horses March 2009

Well, this is the first slideshow on this blog and we are still playing with it. Loads of fun doing it! When you start it, the slide show will open in a new window and have some music. You can stop the music, make the slideshow go faster, etc. etc.

Have fun!

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Dinner Cats

Our four cats are not always good friends, but when it is time for dinner, they are one great team!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Belize Tourism Video Trailer

This is the trailer for a new video from the Belize Tourism Board ... if you want to get a short glimpse of the beauty of Belize ... or if you want to wallow in memories of your last visit here ... or if you didn't make it here yet and just need that final little push :-)

Check back on the website http://www.travelbelize.org/ if you want to see the whole 15 minute movie, it will be online soon!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Smokey Solo

And yes, there will be other things to write soon :-) Just at the moment, the horses are the main topic here on the farm. There is so much to learn ... and we are buying equipment and halters and salt blocks. This is fun!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Some more pictures from one of the new additions to the farm household, the little stallion Smokey. We built a corral for him and his mother, so it is easier to feed them and get them used to us, while the other seven horses that are here to graze, are rather wild. Although Robbie grabs her bag with carrots and apples every now and then and if they are around they will of course get some treats.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Alfredo and Motley

Some nights last month were rather cold, so all the cats stayed in the house instead of roaming and hunting. The siblings Alfredo and Motley like to sleep on the rug in the bathroom, nice and cozy. And maybe they also wanted to be there when the FROG that lives under the rim in the toilet bowl takes a peek!!

Illusions ...

Found this on a website and thought it was really cool!!

Or try this one ... can you find the 7 horses in this picture?

More horse pictures

Here are a few more horse pictures, some show only the 7 care horses and some all of them together. They are truly a beautiful sight, running freely in the back field around the little ruin mound in the back. Oh, about the ruin! We found out that our little ruin most probably belongs to a complex nowadays called Yaxox and is right next to El Pilar, a major archeological site in this area.


Snowflake and Smokey have arrived!

Robbie bought two horses today from our neighbor Javier: A young stallion which we named Smokey and his mum, Snowflake. They will live in the back with the other 7 horses we have there, who belong to someone else. We are just providing the pasture for them and a safe haven. And they eat our grass and keep it low, so it is a win-win situation for all of us. This morning, we went to Spanish Lookout and bought vitamins, flu shots and tick stuff for Snowflake and Smokey and the vet will administer everything next week after he is done with his Ruta Maya duties. The Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge is the biggest and longest canoe races in the country and in full swing today!

So here is a picture of Snowflake and Smokey!


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mama!

All the best to you! Lots of Love! Stay happy and healthy!


Masked Translator: Freaking Out about the Economy

Masked Translator: Freaking Out about the Economy