Friday, October 29, 2010

Chasing Kitty Cats

The new canine house guests are truly lovely, but they chase our cats away, wanting to play with them. Rembrandt, Queenie, you do NOT play with a cat by throwing 50 pounds after them and vigorously wagging your tail. Most of our cats were thus hiding out in the trees ...

And another sssssnake ...

This time it was a relatively harmless snake, a cat-eyed snake. But please, not in my KITCHEN!


New Neighbors!

Our friends Claudia and Franklin, who arrived at the farm on Tuesday, are staying in the guesthouse for a few weeks with their lovely Irish setters, Rembrandt and Queeny. They get along ok with our dogs, although Molly is still acting a bit bitchy. Well, if she would consider Rembrandt as her future boyfriend ... this might paint a different picture. On one photo I did see her eyeing him ... so maybe she will get over her jealousy soon and feel ok with him.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Happy Mini Movie

Hurricane Richard mows down trees at Whistling Ducks Farm

Luckily, this was the most damage it did: lots of fruit and other trees got destroyed when Hurricane Richard steamrolled through Cayo on Sunday night. All people and all dogs, horses, cats and chickens are fine, but the yard and gardens were heavily destroyed. Monday morning, Gilmar and David, equipped with a chainsaw and rakes and wheelbarrows, did a lot of cleaning up, but there is still lots to do ...

The plum tree ...

The Front Yard

The Garden

The area around the "Tipazebo" (combination of Tipi, Palapa and Gazebo)

Chinese Art while Hurricane Richard rages

When in the midst of a hurricane and you are in a safe place, but there is no electricity and nothing else to do ... one could pull out her birthday present from LAST year and finally play with the Chinese Brush Painting Set! And paint ... a rabbit! Gosh that was FUN to do!

Happy at the Happy Farm - 2 weeks

Happy is putting on weight daily because she eats like a small hippo :-) Finally, she is looking like a puppy is supposed to look like: round, not square. Skin is still rather bad and she is a bit feverish at times, but all in all feeling good, vet is not worried. Happy now has her own dog run AND a dog house - not living in it yet, though, she still needs to get healthier. We have a cute video also, which I will upload later!


Proud Owners of Whistling Ducks Farm

All the title work is done and we picked up the paperwork at the Lawyers office last week. They did a great job and everything went smoothly. We celebrated at Old Belize with virgin cocktails and excellent coconut shrimp!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh Buddy Stop Snoring

Rattle Snake at Back Porch

Glad that our Ms Molly is so attentive! She ran in circles and barked at something close to the house, which I realized after a while was a small rattle snake, deadly poisonous! Gilmar and Robbie managed to shuffle it into a glass container, it got shown around to neighbors and finally ended up being made into some medicine, also by one of the neighbors!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy at the Happy Farm - 1 Week

More pictures of Ms Happy. She has been here a week now and is doing a lot better! She has her own collar now, her own food dish ... and she will have her own dog run next week.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Stray Puppy "Happy"

Yesterday, Robbie and our neighbor Williams caught a stray puppy that had been roaming the streets for a while now. She is an extremely skinny, about 3 month old Female. She was in our chicken coop, eating the chicken feed ...
We gave her some water and food and put her in the art studio. The vet came in the evening and then again today, to give her shots and vitamins. Gilmar gave her a flea and tick bath. She is suffering from malnutrition mostly and we hope we can bring her back to have a good life.
We are calling her "Happy", hoping that this is what she will be after we take care of her.
Her condition is heart-breaking ...


Blaze of Dust with WDF Brand

Now that we had a few dry and not too hot days, it was the perfect time for Gilmar to brand the youngest of our horse family, Dusty's daughter, Blaze of Dust. She is a beauty who loves to run and is already almost as tall as her mum!


Sunday, October 03, 2010

Escape Artists

Some of our horses had a crazy day today. Two of the girls, Gilmar's race horse (who "left" the stall, of course without permission!!) and Ms Dusty, got everybody running around the field, save for Wiley and Stardancer who decided to stay in the cool spot on the hill. Everyone came home safely after Robbie whistled at them. She is not a horse whisperer, but a horse whistler :-)


Expressive Drawing in the Hobby Lobby

We had loads of fun today in our art studio, the Hobby Lobby, doing expressive drawing on huge canvases. Our horseguy Gilmar joined in as well and we all enjoyed it tremendously. We sure have to do that more often!

Almost finished ...

Can you find the fish???

Robbie's picture

Gilmar's picture

Jana's picture


Saturday, October 02, 2010

Creative Cooking!

Yesterdays dinner: baked chicken breasts, basted with ginger, garlic, pepper and teriyaki sauce, sprinkled with honey and sesame seeds, with a flavorful coconut ginger sauce, and tomato pea basmati rice.

Thanks for the quick pix, Robbie!