Sunday, November 21, 2010

Visiting Gaby and Hans at the Garceta Lodge

Two lovely people live at the other end of our village, Gaby and Hans, and we finally had the time to visit them for a few hours last Sunday. We had a great time with coffee and cake and a glass of wine at the river. They have loads of animals at their place, and it is simply gorgeous! There is also a little crocodile in the pond that wandered up from the river during the last flood, and lots of guinea hens, and chicken.

Coatimundis, usually roaming free, but caged for our convenience because they like to jump on peoples backs :-)

The view from the veranda.

Gaby and the parrot, I think his name was Charlie!

Hans posing with this imposing tree!
Aracari coming for a bite of papaya.


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