Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Animal Farm

Just a few pictures of the animals on the farm, Casanova the Handsome Rooster, Alfredo the orange/white cat, Edwardo the gray cat, some doggie pics (why is everybody sleeping and I am still up??) and of course, the horses!


Parsley and tomatoes!

Never before saw parsley blooming. How pretty! And we got to taste our first tomato this year! LOVELY taste!


A Touch of Home

To give the grass on our side a chance to grow a bit higher, we asked our neighbor if we could put our horses on her pasture. For one week, they had the chance to roam many many acres ... but they stayed mostly close to the fence to our property ... to get a Touch of Home :-)

Toucan on a Road Trip

Robbie took niecie Yvette and our friend Kim for a road trip and encountered this beautiful specimen of a Toucan!

Kim and the Wranglers

Our friend Kim came to visit us for a couple of weeks and went out for an evening ride with Gilmar and Bernie. They had a great time!


Santa Familia Research Center and Internet Cafe

Thanks to a grant from the European Union and with the help of the University of Belize, we now have an Internet Cafe in Santa Familia, in our part of the village: San Jorge. The grant included the computers, the satellite setup and paint in EU colors. It is run by a group of young people with Robbie as the Project Manager. We wish them good luck and lots of success! We already got books from Sacred Heart Junior College, extra computer equipment from Rotary and wood for shelves from villagers!


Best Fruit Ever!

We have several Pitahaya plants growing on the farm now. Really lovely fruit! And so pretty, too!


Jessica and Jon Oakes going for a Ride

Gilmar Guy, our Horse Man/Carpenter/Allround Genie, asked if he could bring some people over to the farm on his horseback tour and we agreed. He brought two lovely young people who enjoyed hanging out with us.


The Hobby Lobby - Ready to Go!

Now we have the shelves in, the water is connected, the work tables are built and the light is installed - READY TO GO!

Guinea Hen Parade

Avocados from our own tree are the best!

Even if they look a little bit funny and are not perfectly formed - they taste super! There are just always sooo many!


New Addition to the Guest House

The Fairy Airy Guest House received an addition: The Hobby Lobby ... finally a space where we can splash around with paint, mess with cement, etc. etc.