Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Old Car!

"Carlotte" has arrived ... Joes 15y old Plymouth Voyager ... and now all mine! He sold it last time when he visited Belize (he now lives in Honduras with his wife Teresa) and I am pretty happy with it. I sold the old Toyota and half the price is the paintjob for this one (the hood and the top were rusty and needed to be repainted). I already have my first stickers on it, too! What would a Jana-car be without stickers :-) Our Bavarian friends with good eyes might "spy" the "I Love M√ľnchen" sticker ....

The car has 7 seats, but I took the middle 3 seats out, because it is nice for transporting stuff with the sliding door. Whoever sits in the back, feels like a celebrity now. We will take more pictures when Robbie's camera is working better - it looks like heat and humidity took its toll and it needs to be repaired!


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