Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Fitness Center

Robbie got us what we now just call "The Machine", which is a weight lifting device. We put it under the palapa, together with the training bike and the lawn mower. So we can pick what kind of exercise we want to do :-)

I do the bike as a warmup first and then do some lifting. It is a cool machine with all sorts of options. David, our farm hand, and the cleaning girls use it, too. Now that is something you could call employee benefits:-)

I even found out I had stomach muscles! OOOPS! And my shoulders actually have a shape now! I have been working out with it for about 4 weeks now and its really fun. I look forward to it every day! Robbie is delighted that I use the present so frequently. And I am happy to eventually get rid of flabby arms, etc. It is so cool!


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