Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Walls are UP!

Although it was raining cats and dogs yesterday, we drove to Belmopan to go shopping for the guest house: a wooden toilet seat, desert roses (as decoration), a little sink and varnish. On the way back we stopped at our builders place at Iguana Creek to check on the progress of the guest house. And yep, the walls are UP. They are working slowly at the moment, though, because some of the workers are sick (bad cold virus around) and it is raining a lot right now.

The pictures were taken from the car, because it rained so much, but they still came out ok.

Looks cute, doesn't it!


At Thursday, October 12, 2006 11:33:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jani, dear Robby.
is this new hous from your immediate neighbor or is it a new hous from yourself?
How much expensiv is 2 night, oder 1 week oder 2 oder ...?
Can i rent a (double)room in middle of June, whit a lot of spezialcourse for the english language?
its very important for me.. :-) you kann read it yourself..

Have a nice time with the raining dogs und cats..
Greatings from Muc Heinz


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