Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Yesterday was my birthday and although I had to work a bit in the morning, it was still a great day. Robbie and Macarena had arranged a surprise party for me and those two were really tricky :-) Macarena told me to be ready to go somewhere Monday at 5 pm, she would pick us up and didn't tell us where to. So we were all organized (David was at the house to watch the dogs), ready to go and she took us to Rolston's, a Mexican restaurant in San Ignacio with a great view of the town, good drinks, food and music.

Although I thought I recognized some cars in the parking lot it was still a wonderful surprise to see Joe, Teresa, Karli, Hanna and Alexia (a very nice French Canadian lady who works with Macarena at the real estate office). Robbie, of course, had been the one who had made all the calls, but she kept completely quiet about everything, so it could be a real surprise. The funny thing was that by early afternoon all my friends and family from Germany had called, but from my friends in Belize: not a sound ... so I said to Robbie: "How strange that I don't hear from them ...".

We had a wonderful time, lots of fun and it was really different for me not to organize something as usual. But that time will come!!! Robbies birthday in October is the perfect opportunity!!


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