Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Robbie's Fall and Rise

OUCH! Robbie fell really bad a few weeks ago on very slippery tiled steps outside and crashed into the toolhouse/outhouse with the forehead, which gave her a scar, and while falling also a broken elbow. It was 6 am in the morning and she was sitting outside in the grass calling out for me, but I was sleeping and it took a while until I registered it ... When I finally woke up and saw her sitting outside, with blood all over her face and holding the arm, I was pretty shocked. I called David to take care of the house and help me get Robbie to the car and then I took her to La Loma Luz, the 7th Day Adventist Hospital in San Ignacio. They took good care of her and the scar has healed nicely in the meantime. The arm is still in a cast ("Gips") and Robbie will have to wear it for another week or so. She was very lucky that not more happened and we are really grateful! AND, she never lost her smile :-)


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