Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Spaghetti No. 1

Doesn't everybody know that craving for something every now and then ... Mine is usually for Spaghetti, with a tangy spicy ("w├╝rzige") tomato sauce and lots of parmesan cheese. Well, most people have a chocolate craving and guess what: spaghetti are just as bad. That's some physical thing: pasta are carbohydrates ("Kohlenhydrate"), which in the body turn to : sugar. There you go, a bar of chocolate or a bowl of spaghetti - the satisfaction effect is about the same :-). So that's what I had today! GREAT stuff!

Robbie has her art lessons with Boyd Shaffer today, that old artist in Santa Elena (twin town to San Ignacio, across the Hawskworth Bridge), a very nice guy. I used to go, too, until I got too busy, so now Robbie is going together with our friend Janet. Janet is painting at the moment and Robbie is making large and heavy sculptures of Scarlet Macaws. They look great and now need to be painted. I would like to put them on display somewhere, because I think they are truly beautiful. Well, I guess I will have to discuss that with the artist.

I have a lot of work to do, started a huge project, and I need to concentrate a lot. It's a software manual ("Handbuch") and will keep me busy for the next 2 weeks. Deadline ("Abgabetermin") is July 13. So I better get going.


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