Friday, June 24, 2005

Rotarian of the Year and my favorite drink

7pm: Rotary Handing Over Ceremony (at the end of the Rotary year, there is an official ceremony to "hand over" from the old board to the new board of directors. The new Rotary year starts July 1). I really didn't want to go out tonight, a lot of work waiting and the roads were really bad from all the rain. Feels like driving on soap ... the worst thing being thick layers of mud being caked to the tires, so there is zero profile on them. BUT, I did, I even went to town a little earlier to put some gas(oline) in the car and have it checked as usual. At the Texaco station below the Cahal Pech hill, there is my special gas station attendant ("Tankwart"), who not only puts gas in my truck, but also checks the oil, the transmission fluid, the brake fluid, puts air in the tires, water in the window washer container, and washes the windows. I have that done almost every week: it is such an old truck and it rusts and leaks everywhere, so I just feel safer. And he gets a dollar or two from me, which is almost as much as he makes per hour (3 Dollars ...), so he is always very happy to see me. I sure am very happy because I wouldn't exactly know where to look for all that stuff anyhow... And I always feel safe when I drive away. There was still some time before the meeting, so I drove over to Santa Elena, to see if our "Dragon Ladies" ("Drachendamen" hihihi), OUR Santa Familia girls football team had arrived and if everything was ok. No, nothing was ok. David was upset because no lights were on at the field (and it was already getting dark) and the other team hadn't arrived yet (already 30 minutes late). So I tried to calm him down, but had to leave to get to the party at the San Ignacio Hotel. It was just about 7 when I got there. But, alas ("oje"), noone else was there! OOOPS, I thought, did I get the time right? And the venue ("Treffpunkt, Veranstaltungsort")? I was pretty relieved when I saw Andre walking in, then Rod, then John A. and then Jack. But still, until everybody came, it was almost 8pm. John A., who had brought his wife Donna, introduced me to a drink I hadn't had before: Coconut Rum with Sprite. What an odd combination. And what a WONDERFUL taste! That stuff is GOOD! Around 8.15, Abdala, as the MOC (Master of Ceremonies/"Zeremonienmeister"), greeted everyone and opened the buffet, which was wonderful Beef Teryaki ("mariniertes und gegrilltes Rindfleisch in Streifen"), Shrimp Creole, Mango Chutney, mashed potatoes and a heavenly Cheesecake with Mint Chocolate. And of course two more of those coconut rum/sprite thingies besides some ice water and coffee. After the buffet, the ceremony went smooth, was funny in places, the old board was bid farewell with a present (first issue stamps of Rotary Honduras/Briefmarken Erstausgabe) and then I thought I could relax. Far from it. Andre, as the past president, started talking again and suddenly my name came up - as Rotarian of the Year! I was so surprised, completely stunned ("überwältigt"), and then there were all these people (about 60) standing and clapping and hugging me on my way to the podium, and I had tears in my eyes - and all I could say was: "you people are crazy. This is so crazy." It was really a great moment and I was truly happy. Couldn't get that grin off my face for the rest of the evening, which was filled with congratulations and a really nice party atmosphere. Went home about 10 pm to tell Robbie the news, who grinned and said: 'twas about time they appreciated your work:-).
Still had to work, though, but I am finally closing up my laptop now.


At Thursday, June 30, 2005 9:26:00 PM , Blogger Susanne said...

Congrats Jana!!! Good for you!

I'm just catching up after beeing gone for a bit to the eBay convention in San Jose, CA.


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