Sunday, June 19, 2005

Busy Sunday

Oh no, I overslept this morning! I had promised to take our friend and neighbour Sharane and a bunch of her plants and flowers to her son's place behind the village (of Santa Familia) with my truck. At 7:00 am! Well, at 7:15 I said "Ouch (bumped my toe on the sofa)!" And ran outside, without even putting a sprinkle of water into my face. Helping to heave ("wuchten") the stuff into the truck sure woke me up, and the ride into the country side (just a couple of minutes, but along a wildly romantic scenic route) really put a smile on my face. In the meantime, Robbie had made coffee and so we had a couple of relaxing hours with Sharane afterwards, some good conversations, about life in general and some personal achievements in particular. I had to go back to work again soon, of course, because Sunday is a normal work day for me, usually one of my favorite ones, because it is rather quiet, with not very many phone calls, and less e-mails than usual.
One of our ducks has laid 20 eggs in the meantime, but she is not sitting on them yet. She just turns them every now and then, wraps them in saw dust, looks at them and runs back out. We are waiting for her to do it anytime now.
All the baby geese are as big as their parents now and we can hardly tell them apart. Now, if we only knew which ones are girls and which ones are boys - then we could sell them any day now. Any ideas out there? One we want to keep, though, for Christmas. German Christmas Goose with red cabbage and dumplings (Weihnachtsgans mit Blaukraut und Knödeln). We just have to look - again - for someone who can make the bird pot-ready. I sure can't do it ...
Maybe Teresa, Joe's girlfriend, can help us again! Teresa is from Honduras and just cool, she speaks hardly any English (mostly Spanish), but we are still able to communicate with her. With our hands and feet and a good dictionary we can figure almost anything out. She even described to me how to make Cashews after they fall off the tree!

You can eat the pretty red-yellow fruit that grows AFTER the nut is fully grown, then you put the nuts in the sun until they are not green any more, then you roast them in the oven to get rid of the poisonous oil, and after that you can peel them and roast them with a bit of salt and oil. I am in the drying phase now and will put them in the oven soon. Looking forward to nibble on some "home-made" cashews soon. They sure are one of my favorite nuts!
Sharane cooked some nice vegetable/meat dish today for us to fill the tortillas, which I was to make. So I tried to make them myself today, following the recipe of Annette. Well ... the dough ("Teig") was fine, but I really had huge problems to make them nice and round!! They had all sorts of funny shapes: hearts, squares ... just no pretty circles. Robbie and Sharane tried their luck as well, but I guess we "Gringas" have to practice a lot more!
Work kept me busy all day long, but there were all these nice interludes ("Pausen") with chats and cooking and eating and now we are all enjoying some easy listening with Suede, a US musician, who has a beautiful voice, good lyrics and music. Nice evening ...


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