Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cement arrived! Yay!

Finally, the cement arrived! It was delivered in the early morning and deposited under the palapa, so the rain couldn't get to it. Can't work with it yet, because it has been raining so much that the ground is all soggy ("aufgeweicht"), so David is weeding ("Unkraut jäten") the big field now instead. He planted something called "Sikal" besides the corn and vegetables we asked him to. They are huge plants and we assume it is some kind of squash ("Speisekürbis"??), everybody knows it here, but noone knows the English word for it. It is not a pumpkin ("Kürbis"), they assure ("versichern") us. I also already know how to cook it when its ripe: with onions and black pepper and then you eat it with flour tortilla. This is how our neighbour and helper Annette cooks it for her family. And if her son helps with the weeding, could she have one? Thats the kind of bartering ("Tauschhandel") I like!!
Other than that my days are filled with work and Robbie's with meetings (with the water board, the football coaches ("Sporttrainer")) or she goes to the field to watch the football trainings. By the way, for my American friends: here in Belize they play "Futbol", which is soccer in the US. Not American football. Just looked the word "soccer" up in Wikipedia: Etymology ("Wortforschung"): by shortening & alteration from association football. Would have never thought of that ... Ok learned something new :-) Now back to work, my friends!


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