Saturday, June 25, 2005

Robbie goes to town and Sharane cooks

Robbie had her day in town today, with lots of errands to run and to get her tire fixed (the slow leak turns out to have been caused by two nails in the tire), after staying home last night when I went to the ceremony. We always try to have one person in the house at night at least, and when we both want to go out, we ask David to stay at the house or have our neighbour Emilia watch it. I worked all morning and then Robbie brought Sharane with her from town, who watched a great movie with us (Fighting Temptations) with cool gospel music and a nice story.

Then Sharane cooked our dinner, cube steak with vegetables, mashed potatoes, and salad. A nice and relaxing day with good conversations and me working all the time (deadlines ("Termine") hovering ("schweben") over me...). Sharane can't make the second movie, she is too tired, so Robbie takes her home around 8 pm. Robbie and I watch "Spiderman II"afterwards, but we are both disappointed, the first one was a lot better. And the DVDs they sell here often have a really bad quality ... I would have fallen asleep, if there hadn't been a lot of work to do - really really boring.

Oh, I almost forgot! Together with the Rotarian of the Year Award came a great book: A Century of Service - the Story of Rotary International!! (deutscher Link: hier klicken). Nice reading and pretty interesting. Good for people who don't really know what Rotary is all about.

Have to finish one job today - the client is waiting!


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