Monday, June 27, 2005

Chicken Soup and Dumplings

If there hadn't been any work today, one could have called it a really lazy day, quiet and peaceful: Robbie reading a book, dogs hanging around, snoring, chicks squawking in the coop, frogs croaking, Mozart playing on the CD player, really nice and relaxed. Finished 3 jobs today, all not very big, but they were fun to do.

One of my translator friends, Kathy, pointed out two errors in my posts, which I just corrected:
"kneed" was changed to "knead" ("kneten") and there is no "blue cabbage" ("Blaukraut"), there is only "red cabbage". Thanks, Kathy!

Took one of our roosters out of the freezer and cooked him for 4 hours until the meat fell off the bones and then I tried to make "dumplings" for the famous American recipe: Chicken and Dumplings. Well, dumplings for me are "Knödel", something like "Semmelknödel/bread dumplings" oder "Kartoffelknödel/potato dumplings". In the US, when you make chicken and dumplings, those thingies are far from the "Knödel" I know. They are more or less some kind of pasta dough, flat little squares, which are supposed to swell due to the baking powder in them, but alas, they didn't. They were just flat little squares floating in a wonderful chicken soup. I have to try that again ...

No Mango jam yet - forgot to buy sugar. Maybe tomorrow!

Before I start another job that's waiting to be done, I am going to play a game tonight. It's called Oasis and it is some kind of strategy game and just what I need to relax.


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