Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Finally, Mango jam ... and Sharane cooks again

Very relaxing day, I even found time to read a book during my work breaks. I started to read one of the books we got from Marion, a very stirring novel from Faye Kellerman, "The Forgotten", and it was hard to get back to the software manual I am working on.
Annette came in the morning to clean the house and to help with the mangos, which need to be washed, peeled and cored.
Wish you could all try it - I am really happy with the outcome ("Ergebnis")!

Robbie brought home Sharane after having been to town, and we all had a quiet afternoon, reading, working, playing and then Sharane started cooking one of her delicious meals, this time its marinated and roasted ribs ("marinierte und gebratene Ripperl":-), with veggies, together with a potato dish and a baked potato for Robbie.

We waited with dinner until Robbie came home from football practice with the girls around 8 pm. Robbie also brought sugar from Humes store, so I could start making JAM! So that's what I did during and after dinner: cooked some wonderful Mango jam with Lime juice and sugar, and it tastes just GREAT! The gals said I could sell it maybe, but I rather make lots of small glasses and give it away to friends. It is kind of messy work and I enjoy it once in a while, but a business ... NAY... I had to hurry - timewise - because usually the water gets turned off between 9 and 10 pm and I wanted to make sure I have time to clean up all the sticky stuff and the pans and bowls. They usually turn the water back on again at 5:30 in the morning, but I try never to let any food stuff lay around in the kitchen, so we don't get cockroaches and other nasty bugs and critters ("Kriechtiere", "Viecher") into the house. Seems to work fine! The only thing we always have, in almost every room, are mole crickets ("Maulwurfsgrillen") and I need to try to get rid of them somehow. They usually damage plants and grass, so I am not quite sure why they come into the house... Maybe they breed ("vermehren") here! Really nasty critters ...


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