Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Real Whistling Duck at the Whistling Ducks Farm

Besides all these other farm birds, such as chicken, geese, ducks, guineas and turkeys, we finally got our first real WHISTLING DUCK. A couple of kids sold it to us for 5 Belize Dollars, they were screaming "Miss Roooooobbbbie" at the front gate, so Robbie checked out what they wanted. And they had this little duck in their arms (which they most probably had shot out of a tree with a slingshot...), so Robbie rushed back into the house to get the money. The little duck was unhurt, but a little dizzy, and Robbie took it into the duck area with the other baby ducks, where it felt ok after a while. Actually, after the geese stopped chasing it and after the grown-up ducks stopped screaming at it. Now its just walking around there, looking pretty and different. And I can't help thinking about the "ugly duckling" story ...


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