Saturday, July 30, 2005

Morning Serenade ... 5:15 am

We got woken today by Magic running outside, barking at a couple of guys who were walking over to our neighbour Emilia's house. Little do we know ... because those guys starting singing, the musical instrument being an accordeon ... Mind you, at 5:15 in the MORNING. They were sitting on her porch, singing their hearts out with Spanish dramatic music. Just so hiliarious. We called our neighbour and asked her who is courting ("hofieren") her :-) And she explained that they were actually singing for a 15 year old boy for his birthday. At this age the boys are considered being at the threshold ("Schwelle") to manhood and it's a very special birthday. The Spanish songs are still lingering while I am writing this (it is now 6am), of course we all got up, since the "human radio" at Emilia's woke us so nicely:-)


At Tuesday, August 02, 2005 11:52:00 AM , Anonymous jean said...

And I thought the cat BJ, was bad when he started calling at 6:30!!LOL Are you eventually going to have a duck dinner?


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