Sunday, July 24, 2005

Old School Dreams

I just contacted my old school a couple of days ago, the one I left in 1978 with a secondary school diploma. It is the Salvator Realschule in Munich, and I don't really know why I started thinking about it and its teachers. Well, I got in contact with one of my former teachers (which I didn't realize as she had changed her name through marriage), Gitti D. , who is responsible for the school website and will forward a letter from me to my former class teacher. She is retiring next week, so I hope she has time to write back to me. It is really strange sometimes - I hadn't thought of most of these people for years, and suddenly they crowd my dreams ... Hah, maybe its Old Age, wouldn't that be cool.

My satellite dish is acting up today, but I think its because of the heavy power surges ("Spannungsstöße") or brownouts ("Spannungsabfälle"), which are really bad for our computer systems here. I have a large battery and some devices for voltage compensation ("Spannungsausgleich"), but it sometimes just doesn't do it. The weather at the moment, of course, doesn't really help. Those tropical storm systems, even if they are quite far away, produce clouds at a height that affect the satellites, which in the end boils down to ("hinauslaufen auf") a non-functioning laptop. My laptop.
But it is still working and I just hope I can send all my mails and this blog entry off before the systems go down (which usually happens after a series of voltage "jumps").
Usually, the electricity situation is not so bad, we had a couple of outages, but nothing serious, and its pretty reliable. The water situation is something entirely different: at the moment we have to cope with having water only from 5:30 am to about 8:30 pm, which can be rather annoying. But we are hearing a lot of promises that it is supposed to get better soon ...

Soon? What does "soon" really mean :-) Have I told you about Belize time yet? The article from knowledgeable Mr Lan Sluder describes it perfectly: (do a page search for Belize time on it, it is a wonderful article!).

Well, "soon" for me means at the moment that I need to get back to my workload now, so I can meet my deadlines.


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