Monday, July 04, 2005

The Hawkesworth Bridge was actually built in 1949 not 1941 as Jana wrote earlier. Our friend, Richard, told me when I first came to Belize that you are a real Belizean if you walk across the is a bit shaky or at least the suspension walkway that runs alongside the bridge is shaky. The bridge itself is fine.

Jana is actually the more proliferate witer. I dabble with it a bit but prefer being out "doing things". But occassionally you'll see entries from me into here.

Today should be a busy crazy day. Friends are going to be moving the furniture from my apartment in town into my studio (which is finally ready). Once I get that organized then the other stuff will be moved in...computers, scanners, cameras, art supplies, books, etc. I hope to be "up and running" in a very short while. I've started pouring concrete and plaster of paris sculptures into molds that I created. Plan to paint them and either sell them or give them away as gifts to friends. I've already spoken to a carpenter about building an art table...showed him a picture from Dick Blick catalog of one that is listed at $2000. He will build one of mahagony for $300 Belize dollars...I'll post a picture when it is built.

Well guess that is enough for tonite...need to catch 40 winks before all the craziness begins.


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