Sunday, July 03, 2005

Girls Movie Night!

Started early with cleaning up the house and getting everything ready for our Girls Movie Night. We invited Emilia, Sharane, Marion and Helen, they are between 50+ and 70+ years old and we plan on watching "The Fighting Temptations", which we saw with Sharane the other day. Sounds like a fun night to me, with lots of music. I have to go cook now so I will write more later. Besides the salad and the little "before dinner snack" I will cook pasta!

Ok, everybody is gone now, it was a nice evening with lots of fun and laughter, good food and a cool movie. Marion did Robbie's and my horoscope charts, at least the short version. She said it would take an hour to really explain the reading. Pretty interesting already. And it looks like we have a really good time ahead!! At least the next couple of years ...

Maybe we all go swimming next week. Marion suggested the pool at the resort The Garden of Eve on the Western Highway. I don't know it but it sure sounds inviting:-)

Woah, I still feel pretty full after our great dinner tonight! I had my currently favorite drink (coconut rum with sprite), Sharane tried it, too. Marion and Robbie hat ideals (home-made variety popsicles without a stick, but in a plastic wrap/"Wassereis, aber nicht am Steckerl, sondern in einer Plastikh├╝lle") and Emilia stuck to water because she is taking antibiotics and wants to be careful.

Helen didn't make it tonight, her boys needed the truck, so she had no transportation. But she told us so late that we couldn't pick her up. Well, maybe next time!

Its 10:30 now so I can work a bit more before I go to bed tonight!


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