Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Dragon Ladies Go National!

Robbie is in Belize City today, with the Santa Familia Football Team. Now, that they are one of the two district winners, they get to play all over the place. Today is the first day OUT and they are playing against the girls in Belize City, at the MCC field across from the Princess Hotel.

Update: just got a call from Robbie: our girls WON 2:1! I bet there will be a lot of screaming when they go through the village with the bus tonight! I also heard there was one bleeding nose but no further injuries.

Had a chat with Karli today, he is doing fine, got his Neem seeds (to grow Neem trees) from Max and Otto. Besides Neem trees to make oil against insects, he also grows Aloe, to make skin lotions, soaps and creams. Everything is in the growing phase but he is already experimenting with a liquid hand soap and we got to try the first samples. Very nice for the skin, and it also cleans and smells good!

Yesterday, all the football girls were at the house. They came in groups of 3 or 4 to have their pictures taken by Robbie for the registration of the national football association. I made them fresh lime juice and promised them a barbecue party when they win their first big game. Well, I guess they will take me up on my word soon :-)

Last week was really busy for me, I had a lot of work (still do), and no time to write the "blog". It was a quiet week anyhow. The pool got finished and was filled with water (and it stayed in!), and Robbie found 2 inch (5cm) long, naked rat babies in one of the nesting boxed in the large chicken coop house. We fed all eight of them to the chickens. They loved it! They also got pineapple skins which were left over after I made fresh pineapple jam one morning. That sure was a wholesome meal they got that day ... I was really surprised how a rat had the chance to build a nest for herself and her offspring ("Nachkommen"). In the middle of the chicken coop! Well, if they didn't eat chicken and eggs, we might have let them live. But so ...

Farm life is really something I still have to get used to. Life out here is so different from what I experienced before. But I also like it. I am closer to nature, closer to animals, also insects, and although I am a lot at the computer, I am still a lot more outdoors than ever before.

Next week we will go and visit Marion Z., she invited us. She also has a computer problem, so we will try to fix that as well.

I will upload a couple of pictures (of the MCC football field in Belize City and of a Neem tree) and then its: back to work.


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