Friday, July 29, 2005

The Dragon Ladies do Punta at the Whistling Ducks Farm

Gosh, that was a wild party yesterday! We had all the Football Girls from Santa Familia over for a barbecue which I promised them when they win. So around 5 pm the first girls showed up, all prettied up, some with their babies, but we excluded the boyfriends ... they are already 22 all in all ... We only had the two coaches there, our David and "Roaches", who is another guy that teaches them some rules and tricks, then there was Will, the bus driver, who takes them to their games if they play out of town, and Alwin P. the local politician. The only other two ladies were our neighbour Emilia (who did some translating because some of the girls only speak Spanish) and Marion, who brought her keyboard, but the girls weren't really into that kind of music she played (Robbie and I sure did ...) First everything went a bit slow, but as the sun set and they all had had their BBQ chicken, potato salad, beans and tortillas, they turned on their huge Boom Box and started dancing in the house. It was so loud that the dogs came outside and I was getting worried that the cracks in the house would get even bigger. But it was GREAT fun for all of us and I am sure the girls enjoyed themselves tremendously. Maybe we have another party again when they win some bigger games!


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