Sunday, September 11, 2005

Art Birds

We have been really creative lately, Robbie made molds ("Gussformen") from clay, which is the most work, it has to be very exact and smooth. Those clay molds are then treated with several layers of liquid rubber ("fl├╝ssiger Gummi"). You just apply the rubber with a brush, and it takes quite a while, because you have to let each layer dry completely. A big parrot needs up to 40 layers, the smaller molds are ok with 10 to 15. The rubber molds are then carefully taken off the clay mold, filled with a cement/sand mix or with plaster of paris ("Gips") and after this filling is dry, you can carefully take it out and finally paint it. We painted several parrots and other animals, such as little turtles, toucans, frogs, and had a lot of fun. This is really a great way to relax after some stressful translation work. And it's good for the soul, too. I will try to sell the painted artwork, maybe at the market, or at gift shops.
Hanna came by today and had some great ideas, for example to make some small stuff as well, for the tourists, who want to take some original art work home. The big parrots are probably more interesting for the locals, who want to improve their landscaping. After the parrots are painted with acrylic paing, they get a coat of clear lacquer and could stay out in the rain and sunshine.


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