Monday, August 13, 2007

Cat Mama Ms Aerie

OK, she did it ... the cat mama got herself pregnant, oy, was she pregnant, she looked like she had swallowed a football ... From the looks of the kittens, she had a few different colored "boys" to play with :-)

Her six kittens were born on 16th July, all within about 4 hours, on the kitchen table. After having been really clingy for a few days and following us around constantly, the cat mama's water broke on my T-Shirt around 6 am, so we put her next to her baby box on a towel and patted her and spoke to hear while she delivered the kittens.

She did wonderfully and it was beautiful to watch (for me as a city girl this was really special), although I gagged a bit when she ate the afterbirth ...

Phew, that was hard work, but I did it :-)

We already have names for the six kittens:

Berlin (who was renamed "Mimi Berlin" by her new owners, Aki and Sheree)
Echo (who was in the meantime renamed to "Motley" by Robbie)


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