Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Alaska Dynomyte Arrived!!!

We have a new puppy!!! When we went to Redmonts Nursery with Aki and Sheree the other day to pick up some plants for the new garden area Robbie is planning, we stopped at The Garden of Eve, a little resort on the Western Highway who we heard had a "Pet Shop", where I hoped I could get some treats and bisquits for the doggies and the cat. Well, it turned out the pet shop only had carrying boxes and what was actually for sale was ... puppies ... And there was this one cutie, a black lab max with beautiful eyes and a funny grin which looked SO comfortable on Robbies arm :-) So I paid them, got a collar for her, and off we went, puppy on Robbies lap, on the way home to the farm. We called the vet right away to have her checked and he made some appointments for all required shots. Alaska Dynomite, which is her final name after we tried a few out, is a very lively and friendly doggie, she LOVES the cat and the two of them play with each other all the time! Kitty even leaves her claws in! Highlander sometimes chases her around and Magic usually growls at her like an old man, wanting to be left alone. Angel tries to ignore that bubbly black thingy that tries to chase her, but all in all the settling in went fine. Alaska figured out how to get into the house through the CAT DOOR really fast and we are now wondering what will happen when she gets to big to fit through :-) She might just get stuck in the door!! Or maybe we build a bigger doggie door ... Spoilt dogs and cats in THIS household? NAAAAW ...

OH, did I mention that she loves to steal SHOES??? My flip flops are her favorites ...



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