Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Two Lovely, Temporarily Orphaned Doggies having a Fun Time at the Farm

Our friends Aki and Sheree had to go to the States for 10 days and we offered to take their 2 doggies and give them a nice "Farm Vacation". The pups were cute and happy and we had a great time with them. Puggles (the brown pug) is a toy chewer and extremely friendly and cuddly, and Mattie, the terrier mix, is wild and stubborn, but also very lovable. She did try to chase the cat ... when she was not watching "chicken and duck TV" by staring at the chicken coop fence. Very funny! Our doggies were fine with them most of the time, they are in general friendly with other dogs and don't make a lot of trouble. Puggles even managed to get the boys to really play with him, after bugging them for a few days. And the kitty fell in love with him, always trying to get close to him to cuddle!!


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