Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Spirit is not feeling well...

Spirit is actually very sick, she suddenly lost a lot of weight and we had her blood checked: it turned out that she has only 20% liver function and her enzyme values are way too high! As there is no real medicine (and her body couldn't process it properly anyhow), I can just cook her diet food every day, she gets chicken, chicken livers, oats ("Haferflocken"), cooked pumpkin ("Kürbis"), cottage cheese or yoghurt, eggs and a bunch of vitamins plus Omega 3 fatty acids, and soon milk thistle ("Mariendistel"), an herb which is supposed to strengthen her liver... We are rather worried as she is weak and thin at the moment ...

This is an older picture from just a few weeks ago, when she felt a lot better! Most probably she got poisoned by chewing on a toad ("Kröte"). Those toads can be very poisonous. Robbie is now catching the toads at night and she carries them away, we don't kill them because they are also useful eating bugs all night. But we don't want any of them near our dogs anymore, if possible!


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