Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Only three more ducks left!

All jobs are done for the moment, although there are a few lined up, but not confirmed, so I have a little bit time for blogging again, finally!! Our duckies are almost all gone now, only 3 females left which will be "processed" soon: one will go to our neighbour Emilia, one to Martina (for the work) and the third one we may keep for ourselves, for a nice duck dinner! All the others, including the lonely gander (männliche Gans) and ALL the baby ducks and two mama ducks have been transported to the Santa Familia Monastery in Santa Elena, which is now a retreat center and has a beautiful lagoon for them to swim in. Our pond was just getting too small for all these baby ducks, so we gave them away for free. The gander had to go with them because they regarded them as their daddy for some strange reason and always came running towards him, who protected them from everything!



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