Wednesday, June 07, 2006

An Evening with the Girls

Last Thursday we went to the Cafe Cayo in San Ignacio to watch the TV show BIOGRAPHY which our friend Macarena is hosting. It is shown on Channel 3 which we don't get in Santa Familia, so we met with her and a couple of friends in town. First we had yummy Italian food (bruchetta, Pasta Pollo for me and Spaghetti Carbonara for Robbie, salads and garlic bread), with my favorite drink: coconut rum with sprite, and a chat with Macarena, Helen (both their daughters were there, too), a lady named Winsum ? and her friend, from Cristo Rey, and some other people. Then the show started and it was really interesting, Macarena had interviewed a natural healer, who lives in the area around Bullet Tree, and he told us stories about how he courted his wife of 45 years (had to ask the daddy of the girl for permission every time he wanted to come to her house), how he found out about herbs and natural healing and a lot more. A very entertaining hour! Robbie got to hold the baby of the owner of the cafe, actually only one half, because she has twins :-) and I think she looks cute with it! I am always a little hesitant, afraid to drop them or so ... smile ... and then I never know what to do when they gurgle and drool or maybe cry! It was a really nice evening, especially because we don't go out so much. For that night we had asked David to stay at the house and watch it, and he spent his time with popcorn, cookies, sprite, watching wrestling on TV and we brought him a huge piece of chocolate cake from the Cafe.


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