Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"Wilma" - now a hurricane, but doesn't know which way its going ...

Just upgraded from Tropical Storm to Hurricane, "Wilma" hovers around at more or less the same spot off the coast of Nicaragua - and all countries around hope it doesn't turn their way. Cuba and the Caymans seem closest, but one little twist and it comes towards Belize. So we are watching it closely, very closely. Usually, the October hurricanes seem to be a lot stronger than the ones before, but everything has become so unpredictable that I really wouldn't know anymore.

Everything else is fine here, I just recovered from a cold (and my friend Joe, also here in Belize, mentioned: WHAT? Its not even WINTER yet :-), and will be back to the full work load tomorrow. Karli is back from Germany and brought me some long awaited Spiegel and Focus, so I could join in the craziness going on regarding the chancellor voting and all that other political circus! It sure was fun to read:-) Hanna picked up her birthday presents: four ducks, 2 geese, 1 chicken (one with the funny feathers that look like they are wearing a hat!). Karli already fixed the pond and told me that they jumped right in and seemed to love it!

I am waiting for Tobbi and Eva to come over, because Tobbi will install us some new fans, especially in the kitchen, where its just too hot to cook when there is no breeze. Eva and I took Hanna for a "girl's day" out to the pool at a resort on the Western Highway, which was really cool, just us and lime juice and sunshine and ball games and girls talk. Very relaxing!

Our friend Marion will be leaving for the States soon, we will sure miss her dearly. We invited her over for last weekend and had a great time, we cooked, played, watched movies and chatted. She is wonderful to have around. We hope she will be able to come back real soon!

Robbie got herself a new laptop hard drive after the other one crashed badly. We couldn't recover any data (but we won't give up yet - there are still a few chances), but installed everything new anyhow and hope we get something off the old drive some time. Wish us luck!

OK thats it for now - I will keep you up to date with what's happening in our little paradise!


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