Monday, September 12, 2005

Birthday - No party yet, but still a great day!

Another Sunday, like the day I was born 45 days ago! Had a great online chat with Mum today and she reminded me of a couple of things I had forgotten, such as having the measles on my first birthday, being sick in Italy on my fourth, watching Mary Poppins in Australia on my fifth, having my first school day on my 6th, etc. Of course, I don't remember any of those days really, although the first school day with the "lucky bag" ("Wundertüte") seems to pop up in my mind.
I feel so much more younger than my age and have been chatting with a couple of people, such as Hanna, Eva und Tobbi, and Heidi (who called from Germany) about how we perceive age. And wondering what people who are twenty now think about us. Not that we really care :-) Traude was the first to call shortly after 6 in the morning, later Hübi and Max and Elly, which was a really nice surprise. I look forward to all of them coming back - it will be great!
I plan to have a party some time in October, when Karli, Joe, Marion and Carol are all back from Germany and the US. Today I just relaxed and hung out at home. We had a nice shrimp dish for lunch (Robbie cooked! Wonderful!), then we watched Mary Poppins from a video tape (in remembrance of my unremembered fifth birthday), I read and played a bit and just enjoyed myself with Robbie and some of the visitors, who dropped by. And I made a cheese cake with cherries. Not completely home-made, and my real home-made lime cheese cake is a lot better! I will make it for Amelia and her birthday party next Sunday! YAY - it's virgo time!
The picture I am adding to the blog is from one of my favorite trees, a small palm. If I manage to save enough of these red nuts from the birds, I will be able to grow some myself! I would like to plant them along the driveway to make it look nicer.


At Monday, September 12, 2005 8:10:00 PM , Blogger Susanne said...

Einen wunderbaren Geburtstag wuensche ich Dir!!
I'm glad you relaxed for a change. You seem to work an awful lot.
I'll be thinking of you in October. I'm pooling my birthday with a friend and we'll have a party at the end of October.
My mother is coming from Germany at the beginning of the month.
Hope you had just the best of days.

At Thursday, September 15, 2005 4:17:00 PM , Anonymous Paget said...

Happy Birthday, my dear,

I do enjoy the blog and wish I could be there with you. My 85-year-old aunt is moving in with us this weekend and we have been very busy setting up a room for her. Hello to Robbie and David and Emilia and congratualtions to the Dragon Ladies! I will be sure to tell Rick (the net provider).


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