Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And One More Addition to the Zoo

Mama Cat Ms Aery and her two kids, Alfredo and Fancy Motley, as well as Edwardo, the first stray cat, are pretty independent and don't hang around the house much, they go hunting, play with each other, and usually only come home when they are hungry or when it is raining outside. Then, of course, they occupy all four dining room chairs: one cat on each chair :-) So I said to Robbie a while ago, aah I wish I had one of those cuddly cats that sit on you and purr ... OOPS, two days later something was crying under the front porch and it turned out to be a very tiny gray kitten, very young, maybe not even 6 weeks old. We called the vet, he checked him out, and since then "Hagrid" is another member of the Whistling Ducks Farm Animal Family!

He really likes to stay home, hardly goes out, just for a little while to play with the others or explore the surroundings. Other than that, his favorite spots are on my arm when I work ... or on top of Robbie :-)


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