Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Noni Tree Info

I had some requests regarding the Noni juice, so I added a link and here I am copying some information from another website (the Polynesian Power Plant) (Hier ein deutscher Link:

"The new noni

Noni is one of the most widely used herbs in Hawaii, second only to aloe vera, according to a 1999 survey on complementary medicine use in Hawaii carried out by researchers at the Department of Anthropology, University of Hawaii. Perhaps that is because noni is not a dietary supplement fad on the islands.

In Hawaii, noni is typically prepared by sealing the fruit in a glass jar and leaving it out in the sun for hours, or even weeks. During the fermentation process, it loses its odor and taste of the fresh-ripe fruits. The strained juice ferments into an alcoholic beverage and is taken as a general tonic.

The most common traditional use of noni in Hawaii is for treating cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. Its popularity in the 1990s led to its promotion for everything from kidney disorders to hypertension. This, in turn, led to a scarcity of trees -- even private yards were stripped of their fruits overnight."

Here in Belize I know one guy who grows and markets Noni juice; plus our friends Eva and Tobbi have a huge field full of them, and they will eventually process and sell the juice as well. We have one tree in the back yard, which will hopefully have fruit in a couple of years, too. Another plant we use medicinally is the Aloe plant in the front yard: for mosquito bites - against the itching, as a lotion for dry hands, for cuts or other little injuries. And it soothes the skin immediately when you get a sunburn. Great plant. The All Spice tree (here they call it pepper tree) in the front yard has huge leaves, which we cook in water; it tastes wonderful (has a little "bite" to it) and is great for colds and bronchial problems. Our neighbours drink it like or instead of coffee, with milk and sugar. Oh, there is still so much to learn! How wonderful!


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